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Our Story

My name is Yanet Ralls and this is my story:

     I created YANET YOGA as a business to teach a sustainable lifestyle practice through yoga teachings. I believe that once you roll out your mat and decide to be part of a practice that you have already succeeded.  The magic happens when you meet yourself on the mat as you are.  The moment you give yourself permission to take care of your needs you have arrived.  To learn a bit more about my story click here.

      Orlando Wellness Collaborative was curated from the same core values as Yanet Yoga and offers sustainable wellness practices.  Our creators invite you to “come as you are” and let us help you stay committed to your self-care practices. I am a true believer that consistent habits lead to lasting shifts in your life.  We offer in person as well as virtual services to compliment your needs.

      At OWC we value your time and dedication.  We are constantly learning, growing, and evolving. I value the connection we’ve built together as a community so much, and the most important thing for me is to provide every one of you with the tools and practices to enhance and elevate all aspects of your life.  In this way we can all become the best version of ourselves. 

                                                           My warmest regards,


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Grand Opening and
Cutting Ceremony

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